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    Tokayev: After the January tragedy, I do not seek revenge or polarization

    The head of state considers the consolidation, and not the split, of the citizens of Kazakhstan to be the most important priority.

    President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev accepted credentials from the ambassadors of some states, according to the Akorda website.

    The head of state congratulated the ambassadors on the official start of the diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan and assured them of the full support and assistance from his Administration and the Kazakh government in fulfilling their noble obligations in our country.

    The President noted that 2022 is marked by a historical milestone – the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and their countries.

    “Over these memorable years, we have established a comprehensive partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas. This spectrum includes regular political dialogue, dynamic economic interaction and active humanitarian ties. Most importantly, our relationship is based on strong bonds of friendship, common values and mutual support,” the president said.

    According to the leader of Kazakhstan, this was fully manifested in the first days of this year, when Kazakhstan faced a cruel and cold-blooded attack by internal and external destructive forces. He noted that thanks to the strong will and collective wisdom of the people of Kazakhstan, an attempted coup d’état was prevented, and conspirators and vandals were brought to justice.

    “After the January tragedy, I do not seek revenge or polarization. As the president of the country, I consider the most important priority to be the consolidation, and not the split, of the citizens of Kazakhstan. Therefore, I put forward the concept of a New Kazakhstan, which is designed to get rid of the serious injustices committed in the past, without giving up real achievements, such as interethnic harmony and a multi-vector foreign policy. My proud people emerge from this test even stronger, more united, future-oriented and determined to preserve their statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized

    The President of Kazakhstan called on international partners to show solidarity with Kazakhstan at a turning point for our country.
    “For our part, my administration will pursue sweeping political and economic reforms, ensure the integrity of investment contracts, and relentlessly fight corruption. In the post-pandemic era, I urge you to use your vast diplomatic and political experience to take our bilateral relationship to new heights. Kazakhstan is ready to further strengthen comprehensive ties with your states in bilateral and multilateral dimensions,” the head of state said.

    Ambassador of Mongolia Dorj Bayarkhuu presented his credentials to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Eftalia Kakiopulu of Greece, Mohamad Fajrul Rahman of Indonesia, Mohammed Rashid Maanin of Morocco, Alan Wilfred Hamson of Canada, Edwin Nathan Yabo Glusman of Israel, Otto Ivan Rona of Hungary

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