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    Cars are burning, corpses are lying. How Almaty looked like after the terrorist attack (VIDEO)

    A month was passed since the bloody events in Almaty.
    Until now, new facts are emerging, from those terrible days when Almaty was in fire, smoke and blood.

    Only now people of the city are recovering after the “apocalypse”.
    The footage shows abandoned cars with open doors, a burnt minibus, and another car is burning down in the distance. A corpse lies on the roadway. Most likely, the man died from a wound in the head – the road under the body is red with blood. As is known, during the assault on the Almaty checkpoint, the militants sent civilians under fire, using them as «human shields», as reported by a representative of the Almaty Police Department.



    “Cars are burning, corpses are lying” – this is how the user called his video, who decided to drive that morning through the very epicenter of the tragic events.

    Recall that the Almaty Police Department was attacked by terrorists 27 times. The assault lasted from the evening of January 5 until the next morning. All attacks were repelled. “It was carried out by well-trained armed militants in military gear,” said Saltanat AZIRBEK, an official representative of the Almaty Democratic Party.

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